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domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008


Shay Hohmann


Age: 19

Personal experiences:

So I am truly greatful for my experience here at Eco Truly. I would not have expected to learn vedic ideas on my travels in South America but it has been most interesting. It seems it could be more fulfilling with a little more time. The volunteer opportunities spanned mostly in the kitchen and garden with a few other projects around. It would have been fun to do some building too. The good nature and positive attitudes I have witnessed have been refreshing. Thank you much for welcoming me, the way of life here is admirable.

Personal Expiriences

Megan Damofle


Age: 22tio

Personal Experiences

My experience at Eco-Truly has taught me a lot about community, especially a community with spiritual and ecological ideals. I really enjoyed working in the bakery and the garden. This place has been very relaxing, with a peaceful atmosphere. A good place to take a rest from big cities. The food is great too. I am truly thankful for the wonderful birthday party the gave me as well. I felt very welcomed.