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jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

6 Days Yoga Retreat in Cusco

Join us for a 6-day healing journey in the sacred valley near Pisac, rejuvenating your body, nourishing your soul.

The retreat includes:

guided meditation
daily pranayama & yoga practice
detoxing food, cleansing juices
sound healing, yoga nidra
temazcal, clay cleanse
hike to nearby waterfalls

Price : $365 Dollars

More Info here:

domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Welcome to our eco village in Peru

Eco Village - Eco Truly Park
South America -Peru - Lima

You are welcome to participate in our volunteer program. We hope that we can provide you with the experience to live in a community and learn by helping. Here you will find special people that will do their best to make you feel comfortable and at home ; we are dedicated to providing you with a unique experience in a beautiful environment conducive to growing, learning, and sharing.

Below is a brief description of the community.

sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Our project - Eco Village in Peru - Eco Truly Park

Eco Truly Park is a beautiful Peruvian Pacific coast ecological, artistic community founded on Vaisnava principles, strategically located on Chacra y Mar beach, a district of Aucallama, in the province of Huaral, one hour by bus or car (63 km) north of the capital city, Lima. We live together according to principles of non-violence, simple living and elevated thinking, and visitors can learn and experience how it is possible to live happily in harmony with nature, others, and themselves. We are looking for people that are basically open-minded and want to practice tolerance, compassion and patience. Visit our Eco Village - Eco truly Park outside Lima city in a Pacific place close to the sea, before or after to go Cusco.

Our community - Eco Vilage

The architecture and values of the community is in part inspired by Indian traditional teachings and lifestyle. We are the first lively ecological educational center of Peru. We have inspired similar successful projects in neighboring countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. The community is located at 2.5 m above sea level and consisted previously of completely sandy, unworkable land. In the last 18 years we have developed a unique organic awareness cultivation and ecological program run by an increasing number of residents and volunteers, with the goal of becoming fully sustainable and self-sufficient.

Become a happy person, enjoy helping without stress.

An alternative way of life, in harmony with nature

Today our community is visited by the people from Lima and all over the world, who are able to experience an alternative way of life. The surrounding area of Huaral has thus been positively influenced in terms of the development of ecological consciousness.
According to recent professional studies, Eco TrulyPark programs have become a model of sustainable alternative solutions for the extreme poverty of more than half of the Peruvian citizens (over 14 millionpeople) living in rural and urban marginalized villages. Nowadays, Eco Truly Park is also recognized as an important tourist destination by local government and the Peruvian media, receiving over75,000 visitors since its inception.


Volunteers are allowed to stay at Eco Truly for as long as they wish. To get the most out of their experience, we estimate interns will want to commit themselves to at least 4 hours/day. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us; the only requirement is that you are enthusiastic about working with our community. Our basic accommodations are separate shared rooms for men and women; if you would prefer a separate, individual room in our hostel, we can provide that service for a slight cost.

Volunteer program - details

We have a number of workshops that you can take advantage of including yoga, art, and Vedic philosophy. You are also more than welcome to help out in our kitchen, vegetarian restaurant or bakery (operational 2 days a week). If you are willing to get dirty, you are can work in our organic farm with our biodynamic agronomist who also imparts theoretical and practical classes on organic agriculture, preparation of humus, and composting in Spanish 2 days every 2 weeks. More than anything we hope that you make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime.

The nearest town is only 15 minutes away by car and provides international calling service. There are also some small shops closer where you can by most necessary items.
In this moment we don't offer Spanish lessons but we do have a number of English speakers, and it is a very good place to practice Spanish in the performance of daily activities. People come here from all over the world, so we try and help out as much as possible to accommodate language difficulties.
Electricity in Peru is 220 Volts, alternating at 60 cycles per second, so you may need a voltage converter.

Basic things we suggest that bring with you:

  • - Notebook and pen
  • - Sandals
  • - Flashlight
  • - Identity documents (and photocopies!)
  • - Towels for the warm season (December to March)
  • - Toilet paper
  • - Sunscreen or sunblock (summer)
  • - Warm clothes (April to September)
  • - The desire to have an open mind and be happy.


  • - Yoga mat
  • - An mp3 player so you can listen to music while you do various activities. We like our music and sharing files!
Please do not bring drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes.

Remember that you are coming to join a group of people living together: this is a community group and it's a non-profit community. There is an Vaisnava Ashram here too.

Picture Galleries

Eco village - Eco Truly Park - Photo Gallery

How to Arrive - Eco Truly Park - Eco Village

Getting Here

Hello and Welcome to our Eco Yoga Farm! Below is explanation about how to arrive from the airport. If you would like we can provide an escort, which will be an additional 60 soles. Please let us know if you would like this service, otherwise we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
Our Eco Village is strategically located on Chacra y Mar beach near the town of Chancay in the province of Huaral, one and a half hours by bus (63 km) north of the capital city, Lima.

How to arrive:

From Lima airport, take a taxi to "PLAZA ACHO" at the end of Abancay Avenue, where there is a bus station called "TURISMO HUARAL". You can take the taxi from inside or outside the airport: the taxis outside are less expensive (around 15-20 soles) and allow you to bargain. The taxi service inside the airport is a bit more expensive but also more secure.


Monday-Friday S/.6.00
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays S /. 7.00
The company has 2 routes, so make sure that you take the bus along the route "PASAMAYO" as this will drop you closer to us.
Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Where to stop:

Eco Truly Park is located at the end of Pasamayo Road about one and a half hours north of Lima by the sea at "CHACRA Y MAR BEACH". Pay attention, as you will have to get off the bus at "PARADERO OVALO".
You can tell the bus assistant to advise you when you get to Paradero Ovalo. From there you can take a Taxi (5 soles) to Chacra y Mar beach.
When you see the big mud constructions (traditional Indian structure called a Truly), then you've found us.

We'll be waiting for you! You can call us on:

Phone: (511) 7241850

domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008


Shay Hohmann


Age: 19

Personal experiences:

So I am truly greatful for my experience here at Eco Truly. I would not have expected to learn vedic ideas on my travels in South America but it has been most interesting. It seems it could be more fulfilling with a little more time. The volunteer opportunities spanned mostly in the kitchen and garden with a few other projects around. It would have been fun to do some building too. The good nature and positive attitudes I have witnessed have been refreshing. Thank you much for welcoming me, the way of life here is admirable.

Personal Expiriences

Megan Damofle


Age: 22tio

Personal Experiences

My experience at Eco-Truly has taught me a lot about community, especially a community with spiritual and ecological ideals. I really enjoyed working in the bakery and the garden. This place has been very relaxing, with a peaceful atmosphere. A good place to take a rest from big cities. The food is great too. I am truly thankful for the wonderful birthday party the gave me as well. I felt very welcomed.

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008


Patrick Caseber

Age: 25

Personal experiences:

Thank You. I must say I felt very welcomed here at Eco Truly, even though I didn´t speak the language. During our stay, we worked in the kitchen, fields, and enjoyed being invited to the Ashram classes. I learned some different breads and pastries in the kitchen. While in the fields, I worked on my Spanish. The constructions are nice, as well as the farm, and the food… ¨muy bien!¨ There’s a good thing going here, and it gives me much hope. Thank you.


Anna Casebere
Age: 24

Personal experiences:

What a wonderful experience, to be here, at Eco Truly, to be a part of a community. For me, it has been a place of learning. Learning new ways of spiritual ritual and commitment, learning to speak spanish, and learning new forms of yoga. Also, it has been a place of meeting people who are also on their spiritual journey, and to connect with other human beings, to share life. It has been a gift to be able to spend time at Eco Truly, to be welcomed by all who live here, and to find yet another place in this world where I can call home. Thank You.

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

David Thorton
Age : less

Personal experiences:

One struggle one fight
Peace to all. :p